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Our Story

MuchaDesignUK is a One-Of-A-Kind small business, designing luxury handmade clothing and accessories from babies up to adults. Made from cotton rich jersey, french terry and poplin you can be sure all fabrics are ethically produced and GOTS or Oeko Tex Standard 100 certified, comfortable, snuggly and cute with designs to love. There is a wide range of clothing using my own designed fabrics which make truly unique outfits.

More about Cotton Kids

I am Barbara, the creator of Cotton Kids. And yes another baby clothing shop;

First of all, it was always my dream being a Fashion Designer having collections, being showcased on the Haute Couture, having tons of fabric… well tons of fabric I do have!

Second the choices of baby and children clothes in particular are really really bad, besides the fact of being fast fashion produced (most clothes are the KFC or McDonalds of Fashion) and therefore materials, patterns, designs are made for mass production, they are badly made and often enough having holes after 2-3 washes. If your child fits in the measurements and you aren’t peckish regarding materials, you will be good, but I had a skinny child with long legs. When the legs of leggings were long enough they slipped from the bottom, and when the bottom fit, the legs were way to short same with many other clothes and having 4 kids on my own, well there were a lot of useless bought non fitting clothes and the designs and colours not worth the hassle. Suddenly £3 for leggings did not seem cheap or fair anymore. So I was finding myself sewing more and more for kids than for myself with jerseys and french terrys my kids love. I rather had only few good fitting leggings than 10 of doing my head in.


Finding it hard to find compiling patterns for boys and girls alike I started to design patterns for fabrics just as well. Making different coloured clothing than the usual pink and blue with rather petit pattern that are inspiring as cute.

Over the years I adjusted children patterns to more comfortable fittings, seeing babies in tide leggings were they cannot move their legs freely made me rethink all patterns for babies. Movement for babies is stimulation for the brain functions, restricted movement well less stimulation; less stimulation less development ect. A naked baby develops moving faster than a clothed one. Since we cannot leave our kids constant naked  we have to make sure, they get the closest to it. Freedom for movements, non restricting clothes are vital for development. That’s why I offer wider hip and legs leggings and trousers. T-shirts and hoodies slightly oversized. Having space to move is my design.

All these made me consider to open my own baby and children clothing shop and here I am, giving that dream a shape. I will give my best to make fitting clothes for your baby. Please do not hesitate to contact me, if you need measurements out of the ordinary.

Now I might not be an Haute Couture Designer…. yet;), for my kids I am the best designer anyway and hopefully you will find the one or other piece you love. Because children and baby clothing is not only for the kids to wear, they are for your eyes, to feel, to touch, being inspired by colours, designs and patterns, soothing and exciting and therefore important for the development after all.


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