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Pretty handmade soft leather baby shoes with non-slip side on outer sole. These beautiful turquoise coloured real genuine leather shoes are perfect to allows babies feet to move and develop freely. 


In order to maintain the natural breathability of the leather, it is not chemically sealed and a visible surface abrasion or colour abrasion is possible and does not represent a defect.


These shoes are coming with an elasticated ankle trim; means they are comfortable to wear but stay on wiggly feet. No more lost socks or cold feet whilst out and about as well as indoors.


Ready to ship in size 4;  (12.5 cm sole length)


Other sizes as Made to order available

Yellow Soft Genuine Leather Baby Shoes

  • Made to order size;
    2  approx. 10.5 cm sole length
    2.5  approx. 11 cm sole length
    3  approx. 11.5 cm sole length
    3.5  approx. 12.0 cm sole length
    4  approx. 12.5 cm sole length
    5  approx. 13.0 cm sole length
    6  approx. 13.7 cm sole length
    7  approx. 14.3 cm sole length
    8  approx. 15.0 cm sole length